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tv   University of Hartford 2017 Commencement Address  CSPAN  June 3, 2017 11:29am-11:42am EDT

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options. here you are the class of 2001. times have changed. me tos it is unfair of presume, but if spring quarter had you anything feeling like i did at the prospect of graduating, underneath that cap and down and everything else you ise on your head, your fear as great or greater than your >> congresswoman mia love addressed graduates at her alma mater, the university of hartford. she is the first black woman ever elected to congress and has represented utah since 2015. [applause] rep. love: before i begin, i'm going to have to recognize that i am proud to recognize my colleague in congress,
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representative john larson who is here with me. thank you so much. [applause] and i have to recognize walt harrison. to him as the president of the school than anybody else, and i have to tell you how amazing he has been, and he has put this school on the map. thank you so much for your service. [applause] rep. love: i also have to hart school, old and say yes, you brought down the stage with that warm and thank you very much. it is so wonderful to be with all of you today. back, to a to be place that is filled with so many memories. my mind has gone back to places and spaces on this campus, many
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lessons learned and so many people who made a difference in my life. my time here as a student stretched me and strengthened me , positioned me to recognize opportunities so i could rise to my full potential. one of those amazing faculty members who challenged me was a man by the name of peter flint. he was our teacher and sadly he passed away far too soon, but he is forever a part of our life. peter had a motto for those of us in music theater. he had us memorize it, but more importantly, he challenged us to live it. the motto said, i am an artist, these are my emotions and i own them and i like them. my talent comes from something other than myself but i alone am responsible for them. i will dare to be bad so that i may be good. i am.n artist, i am that
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peter continually challenged us to rise and continually gave us the courage we needed and told us it was ok to be bad because that is how we get to the good in us. peter expected us to take responsibility and ownership for the gifts and talents that we had. said, therechill comes a time in each one of our lives where we are figuratively tapped on the shoulders and asked to do something special, unique, and specific to our talent. what a shame if that moment finds is unwilling or unprepared for what could've been our finest hour. the great question you will face in the years ahead is, am i prepared to rise in such moments? i hope you consider today, graduation day, the first step to accepting that tap on the shoulder that will lead you to a lifetime of fine hours and rise
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to the full measure of your potential. two things i want you to keep in mind as you get ready to rise. rise willr ability to be shackled or bolstered by your ability to engage in elevated dialogue. for a this may seem crazy member of congress to talk about elevated dialogue, but believe me, it is the key to all of our finest hours. a a nation, individuals, and community we must get comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations. -- itnot rise if we are is so tempting to melt down someone's twitter feed or blow up someone's facebook page with angry words. someone wisely said, speak in anger and you will give the best speech you ever live to regret. even if it is sharing a virtual
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speech on social media, the result is the same so remember this. every moment captured on screen lives forever, and friends keep friends off youtube. [laughter] the solution to any problem begins when someone says, let's talk about it. as ave a long way to go country but it starts with each one of us individually being willing to have a conversation about the challenges we face. rise unlessible to we feel comfortable and confident in a higher dialogue. remember that your goal is to rise with, not over others. saying, an old scottish thee lift me and i will lift thee, and together we ascend. [applause] sadly, our society tells us more and more that we
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should just look out for number one and not worry about anyone else. my mom and dad came to this country with $10 in their pocket in an attempt to rise above the policy does poverty and strength of their country, haiti. through grit and determination, he and my mom provided me and my siblings with the opportunity to pursue our version of the american dream. i will always remember that moment when my dad drop me off on campus for orientation. he was so incredibly excited and giddy, as if he was the one who would be able to start a new adventure away from home. i don't know if it was away from my mom -- [laughter] but he wanted to come with me. he said, your mom and i have done everything we could to get us to this point today. you will not be a burden to society, you will give back, you
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will contribute, you will make a difference for others. me is it waselling part of my responsibility not just to rise for myself, but bring others along with me as they had done for me. i must confess, stepping onto campus that day, the thought of being a mayor, a mother, a member of congress was not remotely on my mind but when i stepped off the campus, as each of you will today, i was ready to rise to new roles. i was ready to take on responsibilities and opportunities. each of these roles has given me the opportunity to learn, engage in elevated dialogue, help others rise to their potential. you are the rising generation, the leaders not just for tomorrow but today. so today i challenge you to rise your sites, not just your status . as you enter a work force and a world in desperate need of your talent, your energy, your gift,
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and your commitment. the second part of churchill statement was about caps on the shoulder, opportunities to rise. there is one other quote i want --share with you by the name by the man of the name john greenleaf whittier. the saddest are these, it might have been. guys, we cannot accept what might have been. it is a horrible and taunting phrase. 50 years from now you will have more regrets about the opportunities you didn't take, the mountains you didn't climb, the adventures you did not pursue that you will never have the opportunity. fail, we you try and continuously learn. when we fail to engage in elevated dialogue in our homes
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and communities and place of employment we will be left with what might have been. when we fail to lift others when we ourselves rise, this entire nation will be left with what might have been. a few years ago, my family and i were at an event where there was a large hot air balloon that was there as part of the fun, and i had the opportunity to go up in this hot air balloon. they told me i could bring one of my kids with me so i decided to bring my son, who was seven at the time. he hesitated and resisted and said, no, mom, i am not going up in that thing. i don't know if anyone has ever been in a hot air balloon. there is only up or down. we jumped in the balloon and we were up and enjoying the beauty of the landscape until the wind picked up. -- "bra the word "race"
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, weone too many times scraped the rooftops of too many truck and my son in the was below me and finally we the park wein started but in someone's backyard. he ran over to me and started shouting, mommy, my turn, my turn! unfortunately with the windy conditions, the balloons had to stay on the ground. the opportunity to rise in the sky came and was gone, and i took my son aside and said, or member this moment is in life, desk remember this moment because in life, if you do not take an opportunity it can quickly pass and he will never know if it will come back again. [applause] rep. love: graduates, your
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experience on campus has given you a view from higher up. .emember those experiences remember what it felt like to gain that new perspective, to gain that new knowledge, to a set test or maximize your talent so when life knocks you down, and i promise you, it will knock you down, you will get back up because you know what it takes to rise. so my challenge to each of you, the same one that i give to my colleagues in congress, create opportunities for yourself, for those who you love, and for good people all over this country. do you graduates i say, you have got this. this is your tap on the shoulder. this is your time. these are your days. rise. god bless you. [applause]
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>> sally yates was acting attorney general in the first few days of the trump administration. fired her after refusing to defend his travel ban in court. she spoke at harvard's commencement ceremony about why she decided not to defend the van. ban. [applause] ban. ms. yates: thank you for a beautiful and generous introduction. the digu


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